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Michelle Levy

Simon Fraser University

Department of English


Michelle Levy specializes in British Romantic Literature and Culture. Her book, Family Authorship and Romantic Print Culture (2007), traces an alternative history of Romantic authorship, one that lies on the cusp between a vanishing manuscript culture and the dominance of print; that reflects a struggle in Romantic self-identity between communities of feeling and individual genius; and that grapples with an evolving tension between the private and public spheres. She has published articles in SEL, Studies in Romanticism, and Eighteenth-Century Fiction on authors including Dorothy and William Wordsworth, S.T. Coleridge, and Anna Barbauld. Current projects include a collaborative book, with Margaret Linley and Betty Schellenberg, Producing the Lake District: Textuality, Technology, and the Tour, a critical edition of Dorothy Wordsworth's poetry and prose for Romantic Circles, and a monograph entitled Script, Print and Amateur Literary Culture, 1780-1830.

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